Research article received at SJCC Research Centre selected for publishing has to undergo a thorough procedure of careful scrutiny at various levels before it is finally selected. The selection process is elicited as follows.

Step 1. Paper Submission.

Authors of the research paper should submit such articles through SJCC MRR journal’s online submission site. The author should register for an account to do this. Once the account is set an 8-step submission process ensues (follows).

Step 2. Editor Check.

The research paper will then be read by the Academic Editor to see if it fits with the aims and scope of the journal. Papers selected at this stage will be sent for detailed scrutiny. On the other hand, if the journal Editor finds that the paper has no adequate worth the JE may reject the paper.

Step 3. Double-Blind Peer Review

Once the Academic Editor is satisfied that the article is from a credible source, selected papers are sent to two referees who are known as accomplished researchers in the fields to which the paper belongs for scrutiny. Details such as authorship, institutional affiliation, and so on, are deleted before the papers are mailed to the referees. The papers will undergo a rigorous, double-blind peer review process which considers the quality, originality, approach and clarity of the paper.

Step 4. Decision-Making

Once the reviewers have read the paper, they will make one of the following recommendations:

• Accept • Minor modifications • Major modifications • Reject. The final decision lies with the Managing Editor. Reviewer feedback on the paper will be provided to the corresponding author. Note, if the paper is outside the journal’s scope, the Managing Editor may reject it and suggest it is transferred to a more relevant journal.

Stage 5. Revisions

The author will receive an email from the Managing Editor containing the final decision. If you are asked to make revisions, you have 30 days to resubmit for minor revisions, and 90 days to resubmit for major revisions. Upon receipt of the revised/modified manuscript, it will again be sent to the referees for approval.

Stage 6. Typesetting

Once the paper is considered to be accepted, the paper will be sent to our Typesetting team, who check the copyright forms and whether third-party permissions (if applicable) have been provided. The paper is then sent to our Typesetting team, who will perform further quality checks and prepare PDF proofs. The Author will receive an email link to the PDF proofs, along with a query form that highlights any inconsistencies, grammar, table/ figure and referencing errors that need resolving before publication.

Stage 7. Author Proofs

Author Proofs must be returned to the typesetters within 10 working days. If this deadline cannot be met, any outstanding queries will be resolved by the SJCC MRR team.

Stage 8. Publishing

The typesetting team is responsible for making necessary corrections. Final drafts are sent to the journal’s content Editors for final checks. Once this is complete, the paper is published in hard copy. The paper will also be uploaded on our website:, which will be a fully citable, published article with a DOI number. The article can be promoted, downloaded and referenced.