An Empirical Study on the Impact of Online Marketing on Consumer Behaviour in Bangalore


Kiruthikka V.
Raghu. Y


Technological advancements have led to increased internet usage among consumers, allowing businesses to promote products and services online. As consumers prefer online shopping, understanding these decisions is crucial. This paper examines the models that influence consumer purchasing decisions in online shopping, utilizing quantitative data from surveys and secondary sources. The study found that security significantly influences consumer purchasing decisions, while convenience, timesaving, and website design indirectly impact these decisions using SPSS regression analysis. This study examines the impact of Online Marketing on consumer behaviour in Bangalore City, focusing on a few key factors. The study explores how convenience, time-saving, website design, and security influence consumer purchasing decisions, highlighting faith, usability, enjoyment, and demographic factors influencing these decisions for businesses and marketers. This study contributes to social change through online shopping, as marketers introduce new changes and increase market opportunities. This paper compares consumer willingness to buy online with factors affecting behaviour, not just demographic factors like monthly income, as suggested by other researchers.


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V., K., & Y, R. (2023). An Empirical Study on the Impact of Online Marketing on Consumer Behaviour in Bangalore. SJCC Management Research Review, 13(2), 93–102.


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