Factors Influencing Purchase of Sustainable Products – A Comparative Study on Gen Y and Gen Z in Bengaluru City


Raveena Roy
Lakshmi K. S.


In the recent past, the concept of sustainability has gained immense significance due to the ongoing climatic changes and environmental degradation. It has thus become imperative that consumers consider measures towards ensuring the environment is protected, we consume just what is required and leave it for future generations to cherish. One of the measures to start is to shift towards sustainable products. The purpose of this paper is to study the factors influencing the purchase of sustainable products among Gen Y and Gen Z in Bengaluru City. This descriptive type of research employed a well-structured questionnaire and Simple random sampling method was used. The questionnaire was validated through Pilot study and reliability analysis. The primary data was collected from 250 respondents and the same was analysed using descriptive statistical tools and inferential analysis including exploratory factor analyses (EFA). Findings show that Gen Y and Gen Z were equally aware of sustainable products. Friedman test revealed that among various reasons, the purchase of products to serve the purpose had the highest mean rank while concern for the environment secured the lowest and thus, the purchase of sustainable products is driven by personal reasons rather than environmental reasons. The contribution of media to increase the awareness levels of sustainable products among Gen Y and Gen Z was significant, though the sources of media engagement were different. Thus, while marketers are advertising sustainable products, care should be taken to convey the environmental benefits of such products along with enhancing customer knowledge.


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Roy, R., & K. S., L. (2023). Factors Influencing Purchase of Sustainable Products – A Comparative Study on Gen Y and Gen Z in Bengaluru City. SJCC Management Research Review, 13(2), 44–67. https://doi.org/10.35737/sjccmrr/V13/i2/2023/194


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